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Mapserver symbols

There are 3 main types of symbols in MapServer: Markers, Lines and Shadesets. Symbol 0 is always the degenerate case for a particular class of symbol. For points, symbol 0 is a single pixel, for shading (i.e. filled polygons) symbol 0 is a solid fill, and for lines, symbol 0 is a single pixel wide line. MapServer and symbol specification. Each LAYER has a TYPE parameter that defines the type of geometry (point, line or polygon). Basic symbols are defined in SYMBOL elements, using the parameters TYPE, POINTS, IMAGE, FILLED, ANCHORPOINT and more (SYMBOL elements can be collected in separate symbol files for reuse). The following graphical variables can be used within MapServer: FORM, SIZE, PATTERN, COLOR and LIGHTNESS. Point and area symbols as well as text.

TrueType font marker symbol; Example 3. Vector triangle marker symbol; Example 4. Non-contiguous vector marker symbol (Cross); Example 5. The TrueType and PixMap symbols are always oriented along the line. A GAP of 0 (the default value) will cause MapServer to use the symbol as a brush to draw the line. Image (GIF or PNG) to use as a marker or brush for type PIXMAP symbols. Sets the line cap type for the cartoline symbol. How to construct symbols for MapServer is explained in the document that you have been reading.

building libsvg and libsvg-cairo in the MS4W build environment compiles MapServer? successfully, but when trying to use file with an SVG symbol, . COLOR 0 0. SYMBOL "HATCH". SIZE 7. WIDTH 1. END. STYLE. OUTLINECOLOR 0 0. OUTLINEWIDTH 3. In the mapserver unit tests in mapserver/mapscript/python/tests/cases/ we have a test of creating a new pixmap symbol and using this symbol to.