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Inm noise model

The Integrated Noise Model (INM) has been replaced by the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) as of May The INM was a computer model that evaluated aircraft noise impacts in the vicinity of airports. The INM could output either noise contours for an area or noise level at pre-selected locations. The INM graphical user interface provides a versatile, user-friendly, windows-style means for users to specify operational scenarios to be modeled and to review the noise results. Application of the INM includes: Assessing changes in noise impact resulting from new or extended runways or runway configurations. INM - Integrated Noise Model Basics. CEE - Airport Planning and Design. Dr. Antonio A. Trani. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. Virginia Tech.

Computer Modeling of Noise Exposure. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved two quantitative models for predicting noise exposure around airports: The Integrated Noise Model (INM) and the Heliport Noise Model (HNM). These models are the responsibility of the FAA's Office of Environment and Energy (AEE). The FAA's Integrated Noise Model (INM) relies on the methods of the SAE existing noise model guidance documents [], the INM Database Report [4] or the. It is a User's Guide for the Integrated Noise Model (INM) Version. computer software used to predict noise impact around airports. This User's Guide is a.

This document contains information on the procedures to implement the Integrated Noise Model (INM), Version 2 on to a computer system. The INM is a.